• Yoga is more than a physical practice; it is also a mindful practice.
    Yoga is calming, helps you sleep better, makes you stronger, healthier more flexible, proven to reduce stress calming the nervous system and helps you feel happier. Who doesn’t need that?

    We are located at 'The Village' Suite 10/22 Haynes Street Kalamunda WA Part of the Kalamunda Shire- located in the Darling Scarp of the eastern limits of Perth metropolitan area.

    Vinyasa Yoga is the practice of linking breath to movement. Your breath starts before the movement, initiating it, and the movement finishes just before the end of the breath, thus the breath envelopes the movement. This practice of attentiveness and awareness leads to Meditation in Motion.

    Yoga is for everyone, a journey of self-discovery. At Yoga Centred the goal is to provide a safe supportive, non-competitive environment where every student has the opportunity to gain a deeper connection to self and to build strength and flexibility in a balanced way.

    Yoga is more than the physical practice, it’s also about community & connection. Connection has a proven impact on quality of life. Yoga promotes growing internally, while also being a part of a group of like-minded people moving toward a similar goal. Yoga is an opportunity to share your authentic self. Whether you practice via online classes or at our Shala in the Perth Hills, you will receive the benefits of being a part of our yoga community.

    Yoga is the tool that will help you find your inner peacefulness and help you to become more Centred.