• Vinyasa Yoga is the practice of linking breath to movement. Your breath starts before the movement, initiating it, and the movement finishes just before the end of the breath, thus the breath envelopes the movement. This practice of attentiveness and awareness leads to Meditation in Motion.

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  • We have both the Beginner Classes for those of you new to Yoga and our more dynamic All Level Classes where the focus is on developing the connection with the breath to movement.

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  • Yoga is a continuing journey of self-discovery and finding this peace within.
    I am grateful to able to share my passion for Yoga with you and I look forward to sharing this journey together. I hope to help open your own door of discovery connecting the mind body and spirit, to becoming more Centred.

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  • Yoga is more than a physical practice; it is also a mindful practice. 
    Yoga is calming, helps you sleep better, makes you stronger, healthier more flexible, proven to reduce stress calming the nervous system and helps you feel happier. Who doesn’t need that?

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